H19 the “Ultimate Polo”

Are you searching for…

the finest comfortable and breathable Polos?

Experience the pleasure of dressing up your passion for golf with the selected natural fibers of H19, give yourself a unique and exclusive breathable and comfortable fit.

Why are H19 fabrics light, compact and elastic and why are they fresh with a unique softness and brightness?

We exclusively use long and thin cotton fibers of the highest quality, selected from the best plantations that we submit to treatments that can enhance the qualities.

H19 fabrics are yarn dyed to eliminate defects and preserve quality for a long time.

The first mercerization made on twisted wire regulates, polishes and parallels the long cotton fibers giving them a soft clean look with unmatched brightness and elasticity.

The second mercerization in the piece stabilizes the fabric defining its luxurious and exclusive appearance.

Each procedure is strictly hypoallergenic and certified in ethical and environmental terms.
Each garment H19 contains a latest generation NFC (GAR Tech inside®) technology to consult all the details of the production chain

The H19 design expresses in every detail the Italian excellence that makes your best choice recognizable.

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